The Crestron Enterprise Development Kit (EDK) is a collection of PowerShell modules that enables users to interface with Crestron devices over Ethernet. It provides the ability to securely send commands and receive responses.

The following are the core modules of EDK:

  • CrestronSession Module: It enables a communication channel with the Crestron devices via the CTP port 41795 or the secure port 41797 to send and receive the console commands. For more information, see CrestronSession Module.
  • ToolboxSession Module: It enables to interface with the Crestron devices via the Crestron Toolbox™ Software COM Server. For more information, see ToolboxSession Module.
  • ToolboxObjects Module: It enables to interface with the Crestron devices via the Crestron Toolbox object and attribute model. For more information, see ToolboxObjects Module.

Benefits of EDK

The following are the major benefits of EDK:

  • Update firmware in bulk
  • Retrieve information from the network at ease
  • Perform the various tasks on a large scale of devices

Tasks Using EDK

The following tasks can be performed using EDK:

  • Discover Crestron devices on the subnet
  • Update firmware
  • Install or update programs
  • Install or update projects
  • Activate authentication
  • Create local accounts and assign user rights
  • Join the active directory and assign rights to domain groups
  • Manage the trusted root and intermediate certificate stores
  • Enable TLS
  • Maintain 802.1X certificates and settings
  • Configure scheduling partner settings for TSS
  • Download error logs and other troubleshooting information