EDK Utilities

The following EDK utilities are supported:

  • AirMedia® Presentation System 200
  • AirMedia® Presentation System 300
  • Crestron Mercury®
  • 3-Series® Control System

  • 4-Series™ Control System

  • Touch Screen

The following table displays the supported scripts for the EDK Utilities:

Script AM 200 AM 300 Mercury 3-Series 4-Series TSW-60 Series TSW-70 Series
SendFirmware X X X X X X X
GetDeviceLogs X X X X X X X
Set8021xCredentials X X - X X X X
SetADUserRights X X - X X X X
SetAuthentication X X X X X X -
SetUserRights X X X X X X X
AutoDiscoveryFromPC - - - X X - -
SendPrograms - - - X X - -
SendProjects - - - X X X X
LoadCertificate - - - X X X X
SetTLS - - - X X X X
SetScheduling - - - - - X X

Scripts Description

  • SendFirmware: The SendFirmware cmdlet sends firmware to the devices.

  • GetDeviceLogs: The GetDeviceLogs cmdlet gets the persistent logs from the specified device and saves them as a compressed file in the report path. This cmdlet supports both WinCE and Linux devices, the former saved as a ZIP file and the latter as a TGZ.

  • Set8021xCredentials: The Set8021xCredentials cmdlet changes the 802.1x credentials as specified in the spreadsheet.

  • SetADUserRights: The SetADUserRights sets the active directory user rights.

  • SetAuthentication: The Set-Authentication cmdlet will turn authentication on for the specified device. There are two sets of usernames and passwords. One set is required to log into the unit and the second, prefixed with Auth is used to set the authentication username and password. A boolean is returned where True indicates success.

  • SetUserRights: The SetUserRights sets the local user rights.

  • AutoDiscoveryFromPC: The AutoDiscoveryFromPC discovers the devices on the same subnet as the computer and saves the results to the specified file.

  • SendPrograms: The SendPrograms sends programs to the devices.

  • SendProjects: The Send-WebPageProject cmdlet send the user web page project to the device and returns a boolean result.

  • LoadCertificate: The LoadCertificate cmdlet loads the specified certificates into the certificate store on the device.

  • SetTLS: The SetTLS cmdlet sets the TLS specified in the spreadsheet.

  • SetScheduling: The SetScheduling cmdlet sets the scheduling specified in the spreadsheet.