CrestronSession Module

The CrestronSession module enables a communication channel with the Crestron devices via the CTP port 41795 or the secure port 41797 to send and receive the console commands. It does not require the Crestron Toolbox, COM Server, or any Crestron Toolbox scripting.

Use the following cmdlet to import the CrestronSession module in the current PowerShell session:

Import-Module PSCrestron

The following cmdlets are available for the CrestronSession module:

  • Open-CrestronSession
  • Invoke-CrestronSession
  • Close-CrestronSession
  • Invoke-CrestronCommand

For example:

Use the following syntax to obtain the device version:

$s = Open-CrestronSession 'CP3-7F123456'
Invoke-CrestronSession $s '' | Out-Null
Invoke-CrestronSession $s 'ECHO OFF' | Out-Null
$x = Invoke-CrestronSession $s 'VER -V'
Close-CrestronSession $s
$ver = [Regex]::Match($x,'(?<=(\[v))[\d\.]+').Value

NOTE: The Invoke-CrestronSession $s '' clears the buffer and the Invoke-CrestronSession $s 'ECHO OFF' prevents the command being echoed back in the response.

The Open-CrestronSession cmdlet supports authentication. It is recommended to use named parameters in the call.

For example:

$s = Open-CrestronSession -Secure -Username 'admin' -Password 'Pa$$w0rd'

The Invoke-CrestronCommand cmdlet function is to open a socket, send the command, and close the socket. It accepts an array of commands via the pipeline. If a single command is used, a scalar is displayed. If there is a collection of commands, an array of responses is displayed in the same order of commands.

For example:

$x = 'VER -V','INFO','FREE' | Invoke-CrestronCommand -Device 'CP3-7F123456'