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ch5-button styling

CSS Class Description
ch5-button Main class
ch5-button--label Applied on label
ch5-button--icon Applied on icons
ch5-button--img Applied on images
ch5-button--rectangle Applied when shape='rectangle'
ch5-button--rounded-rectangle Applied when shape='rounded-rectangle'
ch5-button--circle Applied when shape='circle'
ch5-button--oval Applied when shape='oval'
ch5-button--tab Applied when shape='tab'
ch5-button--text Applied when type='text'
ch5-button--danger Applied when type='danger'
ch5-button--warning Applied when type='warning'
ch5-button--info Applied when type='info'
ch5-button--success Applied when type='success'
ch5-button--default Default button
ch5-button--primary Applied when type='primary'
ch5-button--secondary Applied when type='secondary'
ch5-button--selected Applied when selected signal is applied
ch5-button--pressed Applied between press and release events
ch5-button--disabled Applied when the button is disabled
ch5-button--stretch-width Applied to make the width as much as its parent allows.
ch5-button--stretch-height Applied to make the height as much as its parent allows.
ch5-button--stretch-both Applied to make both width and height as much as its parent allows.
ch5-button--vertical Vertical orientation
ch5-button--horizontal Horizontal orientation
ch5-button--size-x-small Applied when size="x-small"
ch5-button--size-small Applied when size="small"
ch5-button--size-large Applied when size="large"
ch5-button--size-x-large Applied when size="x-large"