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ch5-modal-dialog styling

CSS Class Description
ch5-modal-dialog the class added on the div that is the only direct child of the ch5-modal-dialog element and wraps all its contents
ch5-modal-dialog-header the modal header; the title string is placed here
ch5-modal-dialog-prompt modal section (a div) that wraps the prompt-icon and the prompt-text
ch5-modal-dialog-prompt-icon an image element.
ch5-modal-dialog-prompt-text a span element
ch5-modal-dialog-contents wrap the html that is initially between the ch5-modal-dialog tags
ch5-modal-dialog-footer modal section ( a div ) that contains the two buttons
ch5-modal-dialog-btn-ok the class added on the ok button
ch5-modal-dialog-btn-cancel the class of the cancel button
ch5-modal-dialog-mask class added on the mask element