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ch5-overlay-panel styling

CSS Class Description
ch5-overlay-panel Main class
ch5-overlay-panel-close-icon-btn Class for close icon
ch5-overlay-panel-default-close-icon Class for default close icon
ch5-overlay-panel--overflow-scroll Overflow auto
ch5-overlay-panel--overflow-show Overflow visible
ch5-overlay-panel--stretch-width Applied to make the width as much as its parent allows.
ch5-overlay-panel--stretch-height Applied to make the height as much as its parent allows.
ch5-overlay-panel--stretch-both Applied to make both width and height as much as its parent allows.
ch5-overlay-panel-mask Applied for panel mask
ch5-overlay-panel-mask-default-style Applied for default stile of panel mask
ch5-overlay-panel-contents Applied for content of the panel