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ch5-slider: ticks

ch5-slider ticks

Defines the ticks on the slider. The value should be a valid JSON string.

The slider uses advanced tick scales: non-linear or logarithmic.

Sliders can be created with ever-increasing increments by specifying the value for the slider at certain intervals.

  • The first value defines the % position along the length of the slider scale to place a tick mark.
  • The second value is the label value to place next to the tick at that position.

An example would be ticks='{"0":"-60", "25":"-40", "50":"-20", "75":"-10", "100": "0" }'

When using ticks, attributes like min, max, and step are ignored.

    ticks='{"0":"-60", "25":"-40", "50":"-20", "75":"-10", "100": "0" }'