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ch5-toggle styling

CSS Class Description
ch5-toggle the class added on the div that is the only direct child of the ch5-toggle element and wraps all its contents
ch5-toggle--on class apply when value is true
ch5-toggle__label class apply on label
ch5-toggle__on-icon class apply on icon-on
ch5-toggle__off-icon class apply on icon-off
ch5-toggle__on-label class apply on on label
ch5-toggle__off-label class apply on off label
ch5-toggle__handle class apply on the handle
ch5-toggle--disabled class apply when disabled
ch5-toggle--circle Class to apply when shape='circle'
ch5-toggle--rectangle Class to apply when shape='rectangle'
ch5-toggle--vertical Class to apply when orientation='vertical'
ch5-toggle--horizontal Class to apply when orientation='horizontal'