Crestron Components Lib - Showcase App


Navigate through the left menu to see various examples that showcase the behaviour and functionality of ch5-components.

Some example pages start with an emulator section. That section contains a JSON that defines the emulator scenario/logic. The ins and outs are displayed upon expanding the Emulator Scenario tab.

The theme switcher currently affects ch5-buttons and the ch5-list. It does not persist between page loads. It works by changing a class on the HTML <body> element, thus affecting all ch5 elements on the page.

Enabling debug mode for CH5 Components

You can add a debug attribute to a ch5-component in order to receive additional info in the browser console. (e.g. for a ch5 button <ch5-button type="default" label="oval" debug>).

List of all ch5 components that support the debug attribute.
  1. ch5-background
  2. ch5-button
  3. ch5-list
  4. ch5-image
  5. ch5-import-htmlsnippet
  6. ch5-select
  7. ch5-toggle
  8. ch5-overlay-panel
  9. ch5-modal-dialog
  10. ch5-slider
  11. ch5-triggerview
  12. ch5-triggerviewchild
  13. ch5-template
  14. ch5-form
  15. ch5-spinner
  16. ch5-video
Using embedded expressions from CH5 Components in Angular 2+

The following examples show where and how the ngNonBindable directive should be used for ch5-components that support embedded expressions

CH5 version is dated