Installation and Setup

This topic documents the procedures for installing the SDK and other required components on your workstation.

Install the SDK

The latest public version of the SDK can be downloaded from the Resources page.

To install the SDK on your workstation, simply unzip the packaged file to an accessible directory on your workstation. Procedures for creating a Create the Driver Project and Create the Driver Files using the SDK package contents are covered in subsequent topics.

Install Development Software

The following development software must be installed on your workstation prior to developing with the SDK.

  • If your development target is for a residential application or includes 4‑Series™ control systems, you can use Visual Studio® 2019 or Visual Studio 2008 software. The Crestron classes are available, but you are not constrained to use them in your driver.
  • NOTE: Select .NET desktop development when specifying Workloads for the Visual Studio 2019 installation.
  • If your development target is for a commercial application or includes 3‑Series® control systems, you must develop using Visual Studio 2008 software. This development environment allows you to use the Crestron SIMPL#Pro plugin and allows you to create sandboxed drivers. You will need to utilize the Crestron classes for your driver.
Software Version Use Download Link
Visual Studio software

For Crestron Home and/or 4‑Series control system applications

The IDE that can support development on 4‑Series control systems.

Crestron libraries are available via NuGet.

Visual Studio software

For commercial and/or 3‑Series control system applications
2008 The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that can support development on 3‑Series or 4‑Series control systems.

Crestron libraries must be installed.
Visual Studio Code + JSON Extension Latest Used to edit JSON files. Recommended but not required. Download
Crestron Database Latest Provides a database of files to support Crestron programming applications. Download
Device Database Latest Provides a database of files for support Crestron programming applications. Download
Crestron Toolbox™ software Latest Provides a tool set for interfacing with control processors and loading drivers Download
SIMPL Latest Provides a programming environment for driver development to interface with Crestron devices Download
XPanel Test Tool Latest Provides a UI for testing the driver. Used in SIMPL. Provided in SDK package

Set Up Development Hardware

The following hardware must be set up prior to developing with the SDK. For more information on installing and setting up Crestron hardware, refer to the appropriate documentation at

Hardware Model(s) Use
4-Series™ Crestron Home® OS Control Processor CP4-R or MC4-R A Crestron Home® OS processor used to run driver packages in a Crestron Home environment.

Required only if developing drivers for use in a Crestron Home solution.
3-Series® Control System Any (except for MC3) Used to run driver packages for the XPanel test tool.
DMPS DigitalMedia™ Presentation System Any Used as a processor for running CEC drivers

Required only if developing CEC drivers.
Ethernet cable CAT5e or better Transmits data over the network.