The Crestron® Drivers software development kit (SDK) allows developers to create drivers for use within the Crestron ecosystem, including Crestron Home® OS, .AV Framework™ software, and SIMPL or SIMPL#Pro programming. This ecosystem consists of Crestron control systems for commercial and residential applications. Drivers provide connectivity between the control system and a device. The SDK provides a complete development environment for integrating custom third-party devices into Crestron solutions.


This document, along with the provided libraries, is intended to guide you in developing Crestron Drivers. At a high level, the document has two primary objectives:

  • Walk developers through building and testing a driver
  • Provide reference material for developing custom driver solutions

It is recommended that developers new to Crestron Drivers start with the walk through topics prior to attempting to create a custom driver solution. Developers that have already created custom drivers can browse the reference topics as needed or use the Search function within this document to locate specific reference material.


The following functionality is not supported by the SDK at this time:

  • Developing a new device type
  • Sample drivers that require or include restricted information