Test a Driver

The topics in this section describe procedures for testing Crestron Drivers.

Drivers can be tested using one or more of the following three platforms. Refer to the documentation for each specific testing platform for more information.

  • Testing with SIMPL provides the most robust functionality for testing a device driver. Testing with SIMPL is recommended for platform‑agnostic drivers, especially those that will be used within commercial applications. However, it is not necessary for drivers that will be used exclusively within a specific platform (such as Crestron Extension Drivers in Crestron Home).
  • Testing with Crestron Home should be performed if the driver is supported within Crestron Home® OS.
  • Testing with .AV Framework should be performed if the driver is supported within .AV Framework™ software.

Additionally, Crestron has developed test plans that can be used to self-test device drivers. PDF versions of these test plans must be completed and sent to Crestron as part of any driver submission.