The following dependencies are required to program and deploy the HTML5 Web XPanel functionality. Refer to the following table for each dependency and its download location.

Component Minimum Version Location
Crestron Template Project (see note below) N/Ap
CH5 WebXPanel Library 1.0 Yarn or NPM installation (@crestron/ch5-webxpanel)
CH5 Component Library 1.1 Yarn or NPM installation (@crestron/ch5-crcomlib)
Device Database (with XPanel 3.0 Symbol) or Master Installer
3-Series® or 4-Series™ Control System Firmware 2.500.x (4‑Series or 1.7000 (3‑Series) or control system product page
Crestron Toolbox™ Software 3.07.323.00 or Master Installer
Contract Editor Software 1.0.17 or Master Installer
SIMPL Software 4.14.21 or Master Installer

NOTE: The Crestron Template Project minimum version is applicable only if integrating HTML5 Web XPanel functionality with a template-based project. For more information on integrating this functionality with a custom (non‑Crestron) project, refer to Add XPanel to Custom (Non‑Template) Project.