Download and Setup

To download and set up the Crestron Template Project programming environment:

  1. Install the required software components:
    1. Install the CH5 development tools as described in Install Tools for Developing with CH5.
    2. Install the Contract Editor software (if using) as described in Contract Editor.
  2. Download the zipped Crestron Template Project files and extract the files to an accessible location on your workstation.
  3. Open the template directory in Visual Studio Code.
  4. Open a new terminal window (TerminalNew Terminal).
  5. Issue the yarn install command. This command will copy libraries used by the project onto your workstation and into the ./node_modules directory.

Additional setup is required if using the HTML5 Web XPanel functionality to deploy template projects. Fore more information, refer to Control System Configuration and Add or Remove HTML5 Web XPanel Support.