Using the Crestron Template Project

The Crestron Template Project simplifies the development of CH5 projects. Pages and reusable widgets can be created via the command line or one-click NPM scripts (such as when using Visual Studio Code). By using these scripts, developers no longer need to edit the index.html file directly. All development work is contained within the project folder. Import and export scripts are also provided that allow a developer to extract (export) a page or widget and to easily bring these items into other projects (import).

The template is based on the Vanilla application framework (plain JavaScript® with a lightweight, easy to understand HTML application framework), and SCSS for styling the UI.

The template empowers developers to create new templates and modify the provided templates to suit their own designs. The project templates have the following properties:

  • Responsive design (Bootstrap) that allows the template to scale correctly on differently-sized panels
  • Scripts for built-in optimization
  • Emulator support
  • Auto component generation
  • Modular component structure comprising HTML, JavaScript, SCSS, and emulator files
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Export project option
  • Theming
  • Debugging support with Chrome® Dev Tools
  • Samples with CH5 components
  • Support for multiple environment deployments using Webpack

The specific features of the Crestron Template Project are described in the topics that follow.

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