Getting Started

Use the following procedures to get started with the XiO Cloud® public APIs.

Enable Public API Access in XiO Cloud

Contact Technical Support to have public API access enabled for the customer XiO Cloud account. A subscription key and an account ID will be provided once public API access has been enabled.

Sample subscription key: 9838a7e6a8df4ff3bfe358648555cfe3

Use the Subscription Key for API Calls

Customers must use the provided subscription key whenever accessing the XiO Cloud public API. Observe the following points:

  • The subscription key must be included as part of the "XiO-subscription-key" header parameter in the HTTP client request.
    -H: "XiO-subscription-key: [Subscription Key]"
  • An API call using the same URI and subscription key will be fulfilled no more than once every five minutes (for V1 calls) or three times within a minute (for V2 calls).