CH5 Components

An overview of each CH5 component is described below. Click the component name for more information on that particular component.

  • Common Attributes: Attributes that are common to all CH5 components
  • ch5-background: Provides much of the same functionality as the HTML <background> element, but works with the ch5-video component to make portions of the screen invisible to allow the video to be shown
  • ch5-button: An extension to the standard HTML <button> element with icons and simple formats
  • ch5-form: Provides a container for which input-based components can be grouped together to send signals upon a submit button press or to revert to their received signal values upon a cancel button press
  • ch5-image: A component used to load images, primarily from a security camera on a polled basis (The standard <img> HTML tag can still be used.)
  • ch5-import-htmlsnippet: Used to load HTML snippets during run time
  • ch5-list: Used to display a list of items
  • ch5-modal-dialog: A special-case instance of an overlay panel that is used to display dialog boxes and user prompts
  • ch5-overlay-panel: Provides a content container for other components that are displayed on top of and overlay the main content container
  • ch5-select: Enables the user to select one or more selections from a list of items
  • ch5-select-option: Provides signals and events on a per-item relationship of its select component container
  • ch5-slider: Enables the user to provide input by dragging a handle to set a value
  • ch5-spinner: Allows a user to select one or more choices from a list of option using a spinner representation
  • ch5-template: Creates new instances of the user-provided template and allows substitution of event and state names where indicated by the integrator
  • ch5-textinput: An extension of the <input> HTML element that allows the user enter text input into a field
  • ch5-toggle: Shown as a two-state switch that enables transitioning between states (such as enabled and disabled) with the functionality of a HTML <checkbox> type input element
  • ch5-triggerview: A container component used to group content
  • ch5-video: Provides a view onto a streaming video window